Vocal 聲樂

Iris Cheng - President and founder of The Music Association of Auckland in 2002. Advisory Board & Honorary member of Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra since 2003, Chief Adjudicator of Auckland Chinese singing competition events, Co-Chair of Yellow River Cantata with Manukau Symphony Orchestra - 2009, an active music promoter in the Chinese community, coordinating with professional musicians to perform in NZ from Hong Kong and China, supported by the Auckland Museum, Ministry of Culture PR China, Confucius Institute, NZ Arts Festival and Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office. Iris is a trained soprano, she has over 35 years of experience in choral singing and winner of Hong Kong TVB/Sharp singing competition in 1975.

鄭毛燕美 - 奧克蘭音樂協會主席及創辨人,奧克蘭愛樂樂團董事局顧問及榮譽會員[由2003至今],奧克蘭華人歌唱比賽活動總評審,活躍於主流及中國社會推廣音樂,2009 “黃河大合唱”与Manukau交響樂團當聯席主席。她多次与奧克蘭博物館、中國文化部、新西蘭孔子學院、新西蘭藝術節及香港經濟貿易處合作,妥善安排來自中國專業和本土音樂家們在新西蘭的巡迴演出,積極促進主流与華人社會對中國音樂的認識, 不遺餘力。
1975年參加香港無線電視台聲寶之夜歌唱比賽獲民歌組獎項. 她有三十多年合唱的經驗, 移民新西蘭後跟隨多位音樂老師學習美聲演唱藝術歌曲, 並多次參加各種演出。

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Dr. Marie Lin – Music Director & Conductor of MAA. She has a Bachelor of Arts from Fu Hsin Kang College, a Masters of Music at the University of Otago, a Doctor of Musical Arts at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities and a Teaching Diploma (Secondary) at the University of Auckland. Aside from many years served as a piano teacher and accompanist, she was the Vocal Director at the National Guo-Guang Arts School, Taipei City Traditional Orchestra Choir, Director and Choir Conductor of Minnesota Hwa Shen Choir, Dunedin Formosa Choir, Auckland Artistic Voices and Auckland Hwa-Shia Choir. She worked as a music subject teacher at Northcote College where she also taught vocal, piano, choir, orchestra and ensemble groups. She currently teaches at Elim Christian College and Santa Maria Catholic Primary School. Her performance Experience includes recitals held in Taipei, Dunedin and Minneapolis. She has also performed in various Opera productions and Oratorio which include the works of Puccini’s Madam Butterfly as Suzuki, Mother Marie in F Poulenc’s Dialogues of the Charmelites, Dorabella in Mozart’s Cosi fan Tutte, First Witch in Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas, Mozart’s Magic Flute, Gounod’s Faust, Mozart’ Requiem, Schubert’s Mass in G Major , Hendel’s Messiah, Haydn’s Teresa Mass and Rossini’s Petite Solennelle.

林碧玉博士 - MAA音樂總監與指揮, 台北復興崗學院音樂藝術學士, 新西蘭奧塔哥大學音樂碩士, 美國明尼蘇達大學(雙子城)音樂博士。 教學經驗除了多年鋼琴教學及伴奏外,她曾任台北國光藝校音樂老師,台北市立國樂團附屬合唱團聲樂指導及獨唱,美國明尼亞波利斯華聲合唱團,新西蘭但尼丁華聲合唱團及奧克蘭華夏合唱團, 歌之藝合唱團等合唱指導及指揮。也曾於新西蘭羅斯西爾高中和諾斯寇高中在全職音樂教師、 聲樂、 合唱、樂團及鋼琴老師。現在她任教於以琳高中和聖瑪麗亞天主教小學。

她的表演經驗包括在台北、新西蘭達尼丁和美國明尼阿波利斯舉辦的多場音樂會,歌劇和清唱劇包括普契尼的蝴蝶夫人中的Suzuki,普朗克的加爾默羅對話中的 Mother Marie,莫扎特女人皆如此的多拉貝拉,浦賽爾的荻多與伊尼哀斯的女巫,莫扎特的魔笛,古諾的福斯特,莫扎特的安魂曲,舒伯特彌撒曲大調,海頓彌撒曲及羅西尼的小莊嚴彌撒等曲目的演出。

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Fiona Bai – Assistant to MAA Music Director, Soprano, graduated from Music Education Department of South China Normal University, majored in vocal music and piano, with good vocal and piano education experiences. The student choruses she directed won first prizes in a provincial and municipal level for several times. She is passionate about vocal music and teaching and has devoted to studying effective techniques for vocal music performance over the years. Teaching in Auckland for the past few years, engaged in piano examination and vocal teaching and training.   白光耀 — MAA音樂總監助理,女高音歌唱家 , 本科畢業班於華南師範大學音樂學院音樂教育系,鋼琴聲樂雙專業,有豐富聲樂、鋼琴的教育經驗,曾指導並指揮學生合唱團多次獲省市级一等獎。 多年來一直不斷專研科學的聲樂演唱方法。在奥克蘭教學多年,從事钢琴考级培训及聲樂教學培训。

Dr. Maritza Cáceres – MAA Adviser, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Theory from the University of Chile and a Master’s degree in Choral Conducting from Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey. She began her doctoral studies at University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and is a DMA choral conducting at TCU. Dr. Caceres has been conducting church choirs, children, community, symphonic, youth and women choirs in her native Chile, New Zealand and USA for the past 30 years. Her teachers have been Dr. Joseph Flummerfelt, Dr. Fred Stoltfuz, Helmut Rilling, Ron Shirey, Dr. Eph Ely and Dr. Dennis Shrock. As a chorister of Westminster Choir College she sang under the direction of Ricardo Muti, Zubin Mehta, Robert Shaw and Kurt Mazur among others. She sang with Westminster Choir at the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, South Carolina, and Festival dei due Mondi in Spoleto, Italy. She has collaborated with her husband Miguel Harth-Bedoya with Auckland Philarmonia and Fort Worth Symphony in preparing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, I Pagliacci, Magic Flute Choruses,Chichester Psalms, CarminaBurana and “Elijah”. She also gave conducting master classes to 45 Music Educators in Chile for the program “CrecerCantando”. She has also served on the Youth orchestra of Fort Worth as a board member and chamber music coach. Maritza lives in Fort Worth with her husband Miguel Harth-Bedoya and their three children, Elena, Emilio and Elisa.

Fang Ni – Bachelor degree majoring in vocal Music with Professor Pian Bing Xin. Participated in the International Olympic choral master class, have been working in music education and choral conducting for a long time. She has been Committee member and vocal leader with some choirs in Xiamen. Participated in many international and domestic competition performances. Youth choir rehearsal conductor and adult choirs have achieved good results. She has been seconded to Xiamen Song and Dance Troupe to perform “Ami Girls” Opera in Beijing and Guangzhou. 30 years of artistic practice on choral art with good understanding and experiences.

方妮 - 音樂專業本科畢業,主修聲樂,師從片冰心教授。曾参加國際奥林匹克合唱大師班的學習。長期從事音樂教育及合唱指揮工作經驗。曾任中國厦門市多個合唱團團委及聲部長。多次参加國際、國内大型合唱比赛及演出。排練指揮少年合唱以及成人合唱均取得较高成绩。曾借调厦門歌舞劇院《阿美姑娘》歌劇组赴北京、廣州等地演出,該劇獲中國文化部颁發的文華獎多個獎项,排練期間担任合唱指揮。30多年的藝術實踐對合唱藝術有深刻的理解和豐富經驗積累。

Johnson Kwok – Tenor. One of the founding members of MAA, choir supervisor and Tenor Leader. He was lead tenor in Hong Kong Chang Feng Chorus and has sung in the Hong Kong Arts Festival and Asian Arts Festival. After migrating to New Zealand, he has been actively performing with the Auckland Bel Canto Choir, Rainbow Choir and Show West Singers. Johnson has studied vocal music with Duncan Zhang and James Meng. He is the understudy for “An antiphonal Duet at the Riverside” in 2009 Yellow River Cantata with MAA and Manukau Symphony Orchestra.

郭垕枏 - 男高音歌唱家。 MAA創會會員之一、合唱團監督及男高音聲部長。曾任香港長風合唱團男高音聲部長,多年隨團參加香港藝術節,亞州藝術節等演出。移居新西蘭後,加入多個合唱團體,包括美聲合唱團,彩虹合唱團,Show West Singers等,經常擔任領唱及獨唱演出。曾隨張盾及孟建宏老師研習聲樂。2009年的奧克蘭音樂協會及Manukau交響樂團主辦的黃河大合唱“河邊對口唱” 的預備角。

John Yeh - Tenor. MAA Tenor leader. A well-known tenor soloist from Taiwan and one of the founding members of MAA, he has over 30 years of experience in choral and solo singing and has studied vocal music in New Zealand with Mr. Jiang JiaQiang. He is the understudy for “An antiphonal Duet at the Riverside” in the 2009 Yellow River Cantata with MAA and Manukau Symphony Orchestra.

葉保慶 - 男高音歌唱家。 MAA 男高音聲部長。來自台灣的著名男高音獨唱者,熱愛歌唱及MAA創會會員之一,他擁有30多年獨唱和合唱的經驗,在新西蘭曾隨中國著名歌唱家姜家鏘老師研習聲樂。2009年的奧克蘭音樂協會及Manukau交響樂團主辦的黃河大合唱,他是 “河邊對口唱” 的預備角。

Vicki Cen – Soprano. Bachelor of Music, Xinghai Conservatory of Music. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Arts (Music) from Xinghai Conservatory of Music in China in 1998, has more than fifteen years experience in singing & chorus. She has been helping with translation work in MAA.

岑志堅 - 女高音歌唱家。 1998年畢業于廣州星海音樂學院﹐獲學士學位﹐多年從事音樂和合唱教學輔導工作﹐有十多年的專業女高音獨唱和合唱經驗。多年協助MAA文書翻譯工作。

Maggie Ding – Soprano. Capital Teachers University, Beijing A graduate of vocal music from the Music Department, Capital Teachers University and has been engaged in teaching vocal music and piano in China and Auckland. Maggie has been a soloist in China Peace Theatrical Troupe, a prizewinner of the All-China Singers’ TV competition and having organized as well as performed in numerous arts festivals in China.

丁曼 – 女高音歌唱家。 來自中國北京,畢業於首都師範大學音樂學院,聲樂專業。多年從事聲樂及鋼琴教學工作。曾經在中國和平藝術團擔任獨唱演員,參加過全國歌手電視大獎賽,并獲獎。 多次參加演出和組織大型的文藝演出活動。2003年成立了新西蘭藝星文化培訓學校,2005年為世界中國新歌手歌唱比賽作評審及訓練所有入圍者。

Alan Qiu – Baritone. Bachelor of Music major in vocal singing, graduated from Zhanjiang Normal University of Music in China. He won numerous prizes at competitions in other Chinese domestic provinces and cities. He has won the 1st prize of 2010 China Jiangxi Red Song contest – New Zealand Division. He is a baritone soloist and member of MAA in Auckland.

邱志麟 –男中音歌唱家. 畢業於湛江師範學院音樂系,主修聲樂,音樂學士學位。在國内省市曾榮獲眾多獎项,现為奥克蘭音樂協會會员,2010年中國江西衛视红歌會新西蘭赛區冠軍。

Mary Mitchelson – Soprano. She was a pupil of Dame Sister Mary Leo for 13 years. She studied with Francis Wilson and resumed her singing career in 1990. In 1991 she was soprano soloist in the Bach Magnificat presented by Cantus Firmus and Extempore Plus. In the same year she joined the Auckland Opera. In 1991 she performed in “La Boheme” with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa. In 1992 she performed with Dame Malvina Major in “New Zealanders at Aotea” and in 1993 she performed with Noel Mangin in Auckland Opera’s “Tower Opera Concert”. Now a lady at leisure, singing at weddings and concerts.

Mary曾從師Dame Sister Mary Leo 十三年﹐1991在Cantus Firmus 和Extempore Plus 主演巴赫的Magnificat中擔任女高音獨唱演員﹐同年加入奧克蘭歌劇院﹐她曾和Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Dame Malvina Major 等著名女高音同臺演出。